You will not pass

Name: Rudith Linares
Age: 55 years
Adress: Barquisimeto, Lara.

Arriving to Barquisimeto, this story was told me, which I could not leave without writing. It is the story of a person who has had much to do with the good performance of this project on land Lara. Small height, this Venezuelan nurse has defended up with teeth the Primary Health Care of Diabetic Patient, located west of Lara. I never knew my parents. I was raised by Mr. Jonás Linares and his wife Carolina Jiménez. They raised me and allowed me to study. I graduated from nursing 32 years ago, and during that time I have worked in several hospitals and services. I work in this clinic since 1997, and when diabetic foot consultation was implemented last January, there was a real problem with nursing staff. There was a meeting with all the nurses, but none wanted to work with the Cuban doctor. A long time after the meeting, I agreed to go to that medical consulting. I prompted the suffering of diabetic patients and their families. There were several obstacles I had to face since then, starting with the material problems to the rejection of my coworkers. There were many who stopped treating me, claiming that I was contaminated because of this consultation and medication brought from Cuba. I was about to leave, but the dedication of the Cuban angiologist, his tireless work for doing good actions, and for the love that daily patients expressed us allowed me to ignore every difficulty. By now, I cannot imagine working with other doctor other than the angiologist Cecilio González. Even in confidence I tell him my boy. It was sad to know that on arrival he was also rejected. A doctor that’s admirable, simple and capable, that came to Venezuela, leaving behind his family and all he wants to fill a sack of satisfaction of his cured patients. When the doctor went to Cuba in April, some person from whom better not say the name, tried to dig into our office but I said: Here you will not pass. This is the office of Dr. Cecilio. The same that you did not receive in yours. I knew that person was against the project. The diabetic foot project has saved lower extremity to more than two hundred larenses. If one day I hesitated to come to the consulting room of the Cuban doctor’s, today I thank to life for having accepted this challenge that has become in my professional and personal satisfaction.