The miracle of a vaccine

Name: Simón Álvarez Biarreta.
Age: 57 years.
Adress: Parroquia Unión, Barquisimeto, Lara.

Driver as a profession, and suffering diabetes for over twenty years, Simon Alvarez Biarreta thanks to have found a miracle made of a vaccine. I am fifty-seven years old, I am the father of six children, and in my family there is no one who has not diabetes. I control it with pills, and I have never had problems with this disease. I drive my car around Barquisimeto, living from that, but last December, the car “no daba para mas” (broken), the engine was melted, and so I became unemployed. There is always a generous soul. My partner Jacinto is the owner of a deposit of fabric, and seeing my situation, I asked him, like in other times, for working by helping him to sort goods. Like a commandment, the first day of work, raising a metal table, I lost my balance, and a heavy iron felt over my left foot. The pain was irresistible. I felt a warm liquid that flooded the boot, looking at my fingers, I saw that they were crushed, and bleeding did not stop. That was on January 21 of this year 2009. My wife took me to the Social Security Clinic on 50th Street. Practically nothing was made to me: only an analgesic and a vaccine for Tetanus. There was not to where. We left it unhappy, and once we went to home, but at night, the pain said: Hold this Dad! It was as if a dog bites my foot. I could not resist. I asked to cut my leg. My boys did not wait for daylight, and took me to the hospital Seguro Pastor Oropesa. There, it was worse: they did not look at me. The doctor in charge only said that the case was not an emergency. We continue to the Barrio Adentro CDI on 57th Street. The care provided was excellent. They put me antibiotics and checked me. They decided to admit me, but the beds were full (occupied). They advised me coming back in the morning, so that the Cuban angiologist could evaluate my case. Unfortunately, this did not happen, because Dr. Cecilio had Dengue fever. That weekend, and driven by insecurity and the old ways here in Venezuela, I met the little money of the house, and I went to the private clinic San Juan. Just for looking at my wound, the doctor charged me 100 000 bolivars and 80 000 more for the cure, not to mention intravenous antibiotics that he prescribed. So I resisted until the Cuban angiologist recovered from his illness. I visited him on February 5th. It had been 15 days since the accident, and my fingers were black with a hole through which a whole scissors could pass. The doctor was clear: it was likely to lose my foot. I don’t know what I thought. In all, the worst was not being able to work anymore. The only job I’ve done in my 57 years has been driving. Can you imagine, one foot less, who would then support the family? However, the Cuban left me surprised! He fought with that hole that got scared. Yes, with patience and with a vaccine brought from his country. He could not save the finger next to the fat one, but a hair from the wolf. I have my foot for driving. I will not have to change my shoes for a crutch. Until today, I’ve always said: God willing, from now on, I will say: if God and the miraculous vaccine want.