Pope of ice creams

Name: Oscar Martínez
Address: Táchira.

Oscar Martinez Pérez has the nobility of the Andes’ people, just hear him, see his gestures and share with him a conversation. He is grateful and his happiness was multiplied when returned cured of the foot ulcer that threatened to never leave him. I’ll tell you that I didn’t wait too much; I took a pair of clothes and came from Táchira to Caracas. I knew about the Cuban product by Internet. I also saw it in CNN (Cable News Network), and I said: if CNN speak well of a Cuban product, then, it has to be very good. I had 25 months with a foot ulcer, charging insurance just 600 Bolivares, and being cured in the clinic Carpo; all without definitive solution. I was two years of my life dragging that wound, and limiting myself to work. I arrived to Caracas late at night. I was nervous and did not sleep at all. I yearned the morning to go to the military hospital. I had not references, just the purpose to seek the consultation of diabetic foot where a Cuban doctor worked. Upon arrival, I was received by a medical doctor not too young, bald, and with glasses. I don’t know why these characteristics gave me peace. His words were of encouragement. He introduced himself correctly, with his name: Dr. José Montequín. From now on, everything was easy. He helped me to understand my disease, cares and complications. I asked too much about the Cuban injection. Dr. Montequín had patience, and explained me every detail. His eyes shone, and he repeated more than once that the product was Cuban and its application was free. That same day, I gave my destination to that doctor! I only needed eight applications, and I was cured in 21 days, leaving 25 months of suffering and agony. I respectfully nicknamed Dr. Montequín as: POPE OF ICE CREAM AND PAPAUPA. This nickname means the best, in Venezuela. Every morning, I gave political meetings in the waiting area, no matter who was in front, outside Chavista or opponent, because thanks to the Bolivarian and Cuban revolutions, and to Fidel and Chavez, is that kindness like this come to us today, the walking people (common people). Once a day, I said him, Doctor, I will go to the National Assembly to tell them on the results I got with the Cuban vaccine (patients call it “vaccine”). He asked me, somewhat astonished, but José, are you deputy (Congressman)? I answered him, neither what deputy nor anything. I will stand on the sidewalk in front of the assembly, and I will start screaming, and someone in there will hear me. I did not go to the National Assembly, but I granted interviews to the Bolivarian press; I spoke by phone with reporters. Upon returning to Tachira, I went to see Cuban medical doctors to carry the product there. I’m sure that it will gradually come to all Venezuela.