Talking with spirits

Name: Indalecio González.
Age: 82 years.
Addrress: Humucaro Alto, Morán, Estado Lara.

His gray beard and wrinkled skin say a lot of the years lived by Indalecio. His piercing eyes, and showing a consistency in every word, he displayed good memory for such dialogue that reveals its innate wisdom. I am a mountain man. Humucaro is a high area of the municipality Morán. I suffer from diabetes since I was 72. My parents, who should be in glory, were Carlos González and María Felix, as the known Mexican actress. I grew up in the field with my fourteen brothers. I have a large family: a total of ten children, and I have traveled throughout Venezuela. In my life, I learned a few jobs: shoemaker, masonry and finally went saddler. Although I must be honest, I was given a spiritual gift to do good to others, so I do not need wealth, just a bench and a good altar that allows me to transport myself, achieve the required energy and then through another person heal the disease. A few months ago, I cut my big toe of the right foot, but I stayed a leather bag, I gave a tug and right there the infection hit me. I tried to cure it at home, but it was useless. The foot was black and very inflamed, the pain was unbearable. Two of my children went down to the CDI of Barrio Adentro La Guajirita. There, I was attended by Dr. Carlos; attentive man, but my case was complicated and he referred me to the hospital Pineda de Barquisimeto. There, urgently, they decided to amputate the sick finger. They left me hospitalized at the prospect of a new intervention. The second night after the operation, I spoke with the spirits and that’s when I knew that I would just save the foot if I went to other place. This is how I get to this consultation with the Cuban angiologist. He is a very competent professional. He applied me some injections brought from Cuba, the same as those seen by me in the conversation that I was telling you. It was fulfilled what was raised: I have the right foot fine. I never went to school, but I graduated from college life. I have hundreds of books at home, mostly on Botany. I consider myself a naturalist. I can answer your question by saying that Cubans are very intelligent and have a strong spiritual support. I will tell to the researchers staff of this medicine that many successes are awaiting for them, and that they should always go to the mountain; it is where closer you are to the mater. Here you are the example of the Sierra Maestra. Finally, I would like to tell you that I was from opposition, until some time, and I left a group of anti-Chávez had meetings in my house, before each Chávez’s campaign, for I making forecasting of results, in advance. Listen to me, I always said that Chávez won, and so. That will not change. This man has his armor and his people. I already signed by him, received criticism and hatred, but tell me this: Is it because I am not of legal age to decide for me?