The uncle of Dr. Chacín

Name: Miguel Angel Vacca
Age: 70 years
Address: Caracas

Miguel Angel has been a diabetic for many years. He is from Caracas. Crossing Bolivar Avenue he doesn’t ceases to be amazed by the majestic hills that according to him, love the capital. Look, for me, there is no one that tells me that Heberprot-P does not work. I suffer from this disease for so many years that I cannot remember and not least the kidneys are not going well, nothing, all comes together. I had a huge wound in the right leg since early last year. Three times I was taken to the operating room. They removed necrotic tissue and put me wicks to drain the pus, but that did not improve. Medical doctors predicted a year or a year and half to cure me. I felt so bad that I prayed to God, as ultimate salvation. I have a nephew, son of my sister, who is Major of the Army and head of consultation at the military hospital: Dr. Chacín. This boy did everything to save my leg. He seeks many colleagues and none solved my problem. Life gives and takes away from us. That’s why my nephew last June, at a meeting with some Cubans, meets Dr. Montequín, angiologist and surgeon by profession. This citizen relative told him that they have a very good medicine to treat foot ulcers in diabetic patients. In Venezuela, this miracle is not known, and I can call it that now that I am a patient treated with the medicine. It turns out that between my nephew and Dr. Montequín something like a pact was established: the Cuban medical doctor who takes the proposal to treat my complex ulcer. I have to admit that I was little wary, but the hands of this man inspired me and gave me encouragement to much pain. He does not spare, was safe and his skill with scalpels and injections that he brought from Cuba return me the lost breath. Eight weeks and 24 injections were enough. My right leg was covered with new flesh: barely noticeable where before there was an ulcer. Do you think that someone can come to tell me that Heberprot-P does not work? I can show photographs before the first injection and last taken just giving me the day of discharge to who doubts it. My nephew was shocked by the results. Look, if so, he now works in conjunction with Dr. Montequín carrying out this humanitarian project between the two countries, so that people like me can keep dreaming to see the greatness of our hill.