Thanks to the Cuban

Name: María Agustina Pérez Pérez.
Age: 67 years.
Address: Las Tinajitas, Iribarren, Estado Lara.

María is a woman who although misfortune has wanted to snatch her happiness, there is always a smile on his lips. I was born in Lara, surrounded by poverty that I would not find words to describe it. Of course, nobody in my family went bad head. My parents, who rest in peace, gave me good example. Of all my siblings, I was the only one who did not marry, and single woman without education, is like my uncle said: “rest for living a hard life”. I made several jobs: first, I helped mom with chores, then; I was placed in the house of rich people, in a hotel, and waitress in a restaurant. When I turned thirty, I went to live with relatives in La Guaira. I wanted to make a new life, many dreams, and none was fulfilled. Slowly gathering the few real winning, I went solo, I built my house, but in the blink of an eye, everything disappeared. It was in the year 1999: the disaster of Vargas played a trick on me. Back to the street! My years were a lump of rubble. It was because of all that diabetes attacked me. Walking in the mud I got a cut on my leg and since then until this treacherous disease haunts me. Years ago I came back to live in Barquisimeto, and I live here with a niece: To whom God gives no sons nephews gives good, right? Last February, I was in the backyard feeding hens and inadvertently ran into a barbed wire. One of his spikes pierced my left foot. I have to admit my abandonment. I began to treat the injury with home remedies, but did not improve. My niece did not wait: took me to the insurance hospital, but I was dressed and without dancing, they did nothing. Most of all they filled with anguish when prescribed me a sure foot amputation. I am a strong woman but tell yourself that you are going to chop a foot is serious. From the Vargas’ disaster, I believe infinitely in Cubans. You had to see how they suffered the pain of the others. I remembered those days and asked my niece to take me to a consultation of the Program “Barrio Adentro”. We went to the nearest CDI: “Casa Sindical”. Upon arrival, I was attended by a doctor, brown and strong like a boxer. His name is Paterson. We talked a lot. He said his home in Cuba is in Camagüey, told me of his Venezuelan daughter, and he examined me with love. He called another doctor, agreeing to refer me to the outpatient “Obelisco”. There, I would see Dr. Cilice, specialist in Angiology. I arrived at about twelve and consultation was “full”. I only waited about twenty minutes and the doctor asked for the patient of Dr. Paterson. He was gentle, cleansed me damaged skin and started applying a Cuban injection that helps healing ulcers in the feet of diabetics. The improvement was rapid, new flesh appeared, and the lesion was in the recall. I want to tell this message: I am with my President Chávez, because he did not abandon me in “La Guaira”, and because he has given voice to all Venezuelans. And I want to add: Thanks to Cuba, its president, and to Cubans for allowing me to remain stand up.