An angel came to me

Name: Quinteiro Manzano.
Age: 52 years.
Address: Barquisimeto, Estado Lara.

Horny man, as we say here, and with little time to talk, Quinteiro Manzano, made a mental rest to his life to give us details of the accompanying Diabetes for over 20 years. I’ll start by saying that I am anti-Chávez, and I don’t know if it is ignorance, but if Chávez brought the Cuban doctors, then the truth is the truth, and it can’t be hidden. We should recognize that part. It should be said: here, in private hospitals, they just want to get your money and the Insurance doesn’t stop balls. I am a taxi driver and father of two children. My father died and my mother still lives. My seven brothers are diabetic like me. Many years ago, I suffered from abscesses, but it was never as bad as this time. Almost two months have passed, and thanks to my wife I can now tell you the story. It turns out that in the coming and going of every day, giving the helm eager, I didn’t stop to see what was wetting my right foot, but an evening after bathing, the younger of my children, showed me the hole that I had in the foot, by using a mirror. My wife is a community leader, and a little reluctantly let me drive it to the Cubans of “Barrio Adentro”. I was treated well. That is why I repeat that health is the priority for this government. The Cuban doctor who treated me in the CDI, referred me to the clinic “Obelisco”, because my case should be evaluated in Angiology and that’s where I found the Cuban doctor named Cecilio González and the Venezuelan nurse named Rudy. Going to “Obelisco” was a blessing for me. Those two people have treated me with such humility and love that there is no enough money that pay what they do every day in this consultation. A friend suggested me going to a private clinic, but I bet for a drug that Cecilio started applying me, and forgive me for not calling him Doctor, but we treat him like family. Of the drug, they applied me 18 injections, and “holly grial”, my hole closed completely. This must be kept for other patients like me who have no money, and suffer this disease. Right now, we are organized and we have formed a committee of volunteer against Diabetes mellitus here at “Obelisco”. This project came, arrived, and will stay “naguara”. I must say that we celebrated the birthday of the Cuban, among all patients; there were cake, arepas and soft drinks. Looking into his eyes, we saw his farmer origin, as they say there, in Cuba. He almost cried, with so much emotion. Such a person is an angel who came.