Returning to life

Name: Pedro José Mujica
Age: 75 años
Address: Barquisimeto, Estado Lara.

Pedro Jose Mujica never imagined that at 75 years old, with 18 sons, 56 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren would be reborn. I found him very early on a Monday in the outpatient “Lara” West, and with words coming from his heart he gave me this faithful witness of happy man. I’ve always been a bricklayer. From the fourteen years I had no rest in my life. First, imagine helping my parents in raising four children and large family then I’ve accomplished with my four marriages. Currently, I live in Santa Isabel, La Playa, here, in Barquisimeto. I suffer from tension and diabetes, but when you have to fight the food, you cannot afford to feel sick, or tired. On Friday November 14, 2008, something tragic happened to me. I got up, as usual, before six o’clock; it was committed to fixing the roof for a room on the third floor. Everything was going well, but at 12:30 pm, the unexpected happened. It was very fast. A 4000 volt power line burst and hit me against a zinc sheet roof where I was. I fell lifeless. I had multiple burns on my body and the right foot burst. With great difficulty and using a washer, a neighbor managed to get off. They though that I was dead. I was taken to the Insurance Hospital in a taxi where I was unconscious half hour. There, I received first aid and then I was transferred to the State Hospital “Antonio Maria Pineda”. In Emergency, I woke up and saw how they cut my pants and discovered the burnt flesh. They performed cures, and decided to commit me. As days passed, the attention to my person became pure torture. They paid almost no interest, and the right foot was getting worse. It lasted two months, in that room until I announced that the only solution to my foot trapping was amputation. Although some of my children were in accordance with that decision, I completely disapproved it. That’s why at my refusal, Pineda’s doctors transferred me to the Integrated Diagnostic Center (CDI) of “Los Olivos”. In there, I got evicted and with very little hope, but as a blessing from God, I found Dr. Cecilio, Cuban angiologist. Cleverly, he examined me, and he is surprised about the seriousness of my leg. Then, he made a consult on my case with Dr. Jorge, San Jacinto’s CDI, and to ease my pains, he gets a blocking on my back. Wasting no time, Dr. Cecilio, moved me to his consultation, here in the “Obelisco”. That same day, he told about injection of a Cuban medicine for saving my foot. His proposal was a comfort to many months of anguish. I confess that I do not know where is Cuba, but after this proof of love and saved my leg, this island is my second Venezuela. I’m coming for two months of treatment. It took twelve shots in all, and here you see me with my foot completely and this old cane that I no longer need. Yes, I will keep it as proof of my return to life and to give it to my first grandson, the unborn.